Okoshi-Daiko Restaurant @ Hida, Japan

Hi Everyone!

Its been awhile I’ve shared some food posts so I thought I’ll share an impressive meal we had at Hida in Japan.


Okoshi Daiko

As the town was not very big, we had a bit of trouble looking for a restaurant where it was open on the day (its low season so the town was a bit quiet), had a simple English menu and most importantly, kids friendly.

We went to a few restaurants but with my minimal Japanese, they advised that either they are closed for lunch, no seating suitable for kids or their menu does not come in English/ does not have any pictures. Finally, we found Restaurant Okoshi-Daiko which was recommended by one of the local restaurant owners.


The restaurant was part of a hotel and the workers there could speak simple English. They gave us an English menu to make sure the food they offer suits us. It was perfect!


We waited a few minutes for them to prepare our table and was then lead to a nice room. Yes, our own private room for lunch. Apparently, everyone gets their own private room so they can enjoy their lunch in privacy. The room was so spacious our boys had some room to move around.


We ended ordering 3 sets – 2 of the adults and 1 for the kids to share.


The food was very well presented. We could tell we were very full from our meals.

IMG_2110IMG_4928 2IMG_5624IMG_9137IMG_8370

The restaurant was also very well decorated.

IMG_1519 2IMG_9554IMG_6023IMG_3943IMG_2266IMG_4641

If you are traveling to Hida area, this restaurant is highly recommended for non-Japanese speaking travelers.



AddressJapan, 〒509-4225 Gifu Prefecture, Hida, Furukawacho Kanamoricho, 10−27

Thanks for reading!


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