Hakusuien Restaurant @ Shirakawa-go, Japan

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to share a really nice restaurant we visited during our day out at Shirakawa-go. I have previously shared my experience at earlier this year and it was definitely a place to visit if you are visiting Japan.

After a long day of walking around and sightseeing, we decided to find something nice and warm to eat. We ended up choosing to eat at Hakusuien because they had noodles for the kids and some nice Hida beef for the adults.



They knew very little English but luckily had an English menu along with some photos of the meals. Lets have a look at their menu first


We ordered 2 set meals & an udon for the kids to share. The prices were definitely higher than what we paid in town but for a tourist destination, it was not too bad.

The waitress was very kind and gave us some tea straight away as it was very cold outside.


The restaurant was actually very neat. You can choose to sit on the floor or at the table but as we had kids, its best to sit at a table.


Here are our meals! Look at the beef!

IMG_7524IMG_1942IMG_4951IMG_3654Plain udon for the kids



Some photos of the restaurant.


It was definitely a great meal especially right in the middle of the UNESCO site.

Thanks for reading!


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