Traveling around Uji, Japan (Part 1)

Hi Everyone,

I love Japanese green tea. Uji is famous for the green tea they produce in the country. When we arrived, the first thing you see is the number of shops that sell tea and food items made in green tea flavour. Our first stop is to visit the main shopping strip of Uji – ie the strip to get tea and souvenirs.

I need to split this series into 2 parts as there is too just much to share.

This is the closest JR station to get to Uji. We drove so parking was also very easy around the area


Here are some of the shops on the main shopping strips


We visited numerous shops and this one we bought a snack from as they were just making a new batch for their customers. They even have the process for customers to understand how the desserts are made.


There are many things to buy so tomorrow I’ll so you some a really nice and famous gift shop to buy souvenirs.

Here are some of the cool stuff we saw around the area.


Thanks for reading!


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