Itohkyuemon @ Uji, Japan

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Hi Everyone!

Today I will be taking you to the most famous tea shop on Byodoin Omotesando at Uji called Itohkyuemon (伊藤久右衛門).


Once you are at Byodoin Omotesando, you will see many people holding bags from this shop as they are known to be tourist friendly (tax free & great service), great variety of tea and sweets and also have a nice alcohol range at the store.


Let me take you around to see what tea they offer. If you are a tea lover, you will want to buy everything from the store.

IMG_1375IMG_0093IMG_0876IMG_3105IMG_5590IMG_5854 2IMG_6800IMG_9371IMG_8132IMG_9542

This one is a tea which can be served hot or cold – I got a few packets of these for gifts


There are also gifts which needs refrigeration. They are able to organise a cooler bag for you so it stays fresh while you shop around the area



Look at these green tea flavoured cakes and fruit coated in green tea chocolate – yum yum!


There are many green tea desserts

IMG_7251 2IMG_9685IMG_7349


If you don’t like to buy any tea leaves, there are also gift sets you can purchase


Do drop by and visit this store if you visit Uji – be prepared to spend some money here because they are a great choice as souviners from Japan.


Have you noticed today is the 100th episode of my ‘Traveling Around The World’ series? Do check back tomorrow for my special post to celebrate this special milestone!


Address:19-3 Todouaramaki Uji City Kyoto Prefecture 611-0013

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