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Renge Chaya (蓮華茶屋) @ Uji, Japan

Hi Everyone,

After taking you all around the shopping area of Uji, lits time to have some lunch!


We have chosen a place that specialise in green tea soba. On a cold winter day, we decided it was the best thing to have. The restaurant is near the entrance to the Byodoin entrance which can be easily located. There were lots of seating when we arrived and the restaurant was very nice and warm inside.


Let’s check out the menu first. Although the menu is in Japanese, there were clear pictures of what each set consist so you can easily order your meals. The price of the sets was also very reasonable considering it is situated at a popular destination.

IMG_8501IMG_3116IMG_3146IMG_4684IMG_5482 2IMG_1707IMG_7281

Here are our meals! Everything was presented really beautifully. Although mainly sell soba noodles, they do also have rice options.


We had a wonderful meal here. Like most Japanese restaurants, they also have some plastic displays outside.


If you are in the area, do consider trying out this restaurant as you won’t be disappointed.



Address: Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, Uji, Renge−23-1
Phone: +81 774-23-0666

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