Supermarket Self Checkout @ Japan

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to share the experience I had at a countryside supermarket in Japan when visited late last year. In Sydney, there are already self-serve checkout counters but this is the first time I’ve seen it in Japan from memory.

Everything on display at the checkout is in Japanese but it was pretty straightforward.


Firstly, scan the items with the barcodes on them. If they are too hard to scan, there is a handheld machine which you can also use to scan the barcode. Once you have scanned the items, place them in the bagging area. If you have purchased items that require you to choose from the menu, you can also select that on the screen.


IMG_1505 2

Once you have scanned your buys and everything is bagged, you can check out. If you have been to Japan before, you would notice the supermarkets will provide chopsticks and smaller bags for cold/wet items to put in the larger shopping bags. They are also available at the self-checkout counters. I have paid in cash so you can tell from the timer it is thinking. Then they print out a receipt, give you some change and remind you to take your items with you.

IMG_3344IMG_4180 2IMG_6914IMG_7781IMG_8426

Although everything is in Japanese, it was pretty straightforward so do give it a go when you see them next time.


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