Hotel Review: Hotel Wellseason Hamanako (Part 2 ) @ Hamamatsu, Japan

Hi Everyone,

Lets continue touring around Hotel Wellseason Hamanako @ Hamamatsu, Japan today. In my last blog, I have taken you to the room I’ve booked and some of the open areas of the hotel, today lets check out the inside of the resort where most people visit after they have checked into the hotel.

In the guest areas, it’s like a mini city inside with a cafe, massage therapy, various massage chairs etc. Let us have a look around! First, this is the massage therapy area. They are an additional service you can purchase if you want someone to give you a massage or hot stone therapy. Prices weren’t cheap but its an option you can take if you don’t want to go into the onsen.


There were also many rest areas with massage chairs, again has an additional charge but it was very reasonable. For massage chair use, it was 200 yen for 20 minutes. Not bad for some peace a quite and really it felt really good. I actually used the chairs quite often for the two nights we were there.

IMG_9940 2IMG_9016 2

There were other machines you can be used for a fee but I didn’t get to try them

IMG_9018IMG_3991 2

This whole area was very clean and quiet so it really felt like you were away from our busy lifestyle.


There were a number of hot springs in the resort and this was the sign to them. I cannot take any pictures inside but I have included a few from the website.




Just outside the guest area, there is a well-stocked gift shop for guests to purchase souvenirs. We actually bought a few boxes of biscuits back home as gifts and bought some to try in our room. The prices were quite reasonable compared to what you pay outside.


Around the hotel, you can see many displays for people to take photos. They even label them as “Photo Spot”

IMG_6176 2IMG_6744IMG_5064

Lastly, what I love about a Japan they set up the futons for us every night. This actually feels like a holiday!

IMG_5676 2 copy

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