Viking Lupinus Restaurant (For Dinner) @ Hamamatsu, Japan

Hi Everyone,

So after a tour around Hotel Wellseason Hamanako @ Hamamatsu, Japan, let’s check out the buffets I’ve mentioned previously. Our package included the breakfast and dinner buffets and just like our first visit, it was sooooo good! I’ll break this part into breakfast and dinner section as there are so much to share.

So let’s check out the dinner buffet. Prior to our arrival, the hotel asked which seating we prefer. Either 5pm or 7pm so we opt for the latter option – 7pm. By the time we arrived, the restaurant was cleared up for us. We were lead to our seats and was given a “Dinner Map” – special dishes to look out for that night.


Let’s have a look at what they have! First up my favourite sashimi & snow crab …. unlimited!!!

IMG_8672IMG_2998IMG_6070 2

There were also a lot of hot dishes to choose from.

IMG_4581 2IMG_4616IMG_6429

Soba & salads


Soups and rice


The stations where the chef will cook fresh food for you. We had the best Unagi there. Yummmmmm


Lots of dessert options. As we were there during Christmas, they even made some special Christmas desserts


You get unlimited drinks with your meals. Lots of options here also.



Check out one of my plates!


If you do decide to stay at this onsen hotel, I highly recommend you book the buffet as well so you can enjoy all the food they offer to their guests.


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