Explore VenusFort Outlet @ Odaiba, Tokyo

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Today I would like to take you to some of the places to look out for at VenusFort Outlet at Odaiba. The outlet has an array of shops with many options. Apart from shopping, there are actually a few things to look out for when you at VenusFort.

Firstly, you need to check out the water fountain and the ceiling where it changes colours/pattern all the time. With the combinations of different lights and the changing ceiling, people stand here for a long time to enjoy this indoor water fountain.


Another thing to look out for is on the ground floor, there is the History Garage. This mini museum showcasing different cars from different eras so its perfect for car enthusiasts. There was plenty of space for people to take photos of the cars and memorabilia. The best part was the entry fee was free.


Check out the history wall – pretty impressive! There is also a cafe there but we didn’t try it as we already had lunch.

IMG_6913IMG_5400 2IMG_5326 2IMG_1007

Not far from the History Garage, there is a gift Japanese gift store and while we were there, they had a full display of Shiba Inu. This place is absolute heaven if you are a Shiba Inu fan or have one yourself. I bought some gifts for a friend who has a Shiba in Sydney.


Lastly, if the above doesn’t interest you, go shopping! There are loads of shops in the complex at outlet prices which I’m sure you will find something suitable.

Address: Japan, 135-0064 Tokyo, 江東区青海1丁目315


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A Visit to a Proper Parents Room in Japan with Travelgirl

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Being a parent, finding a parent room can be a hassle especially when you are in a foreign country. During our visit to Japan, we were pretty happy with most of our parent room experiences. Most of them were very clean and easy to find. But today I would like to show you one of the best ones we have been so far in Japan.

This parent room is located at Odaiba’s Venusfort Outlet Centre. The first thing we noticed was the amount of space we have for the parents and the number of change tables available. Everything was available for parents to change their kids (except for nappies an wet towels) and the whole place was spotless. There was also no smell like some of the parent rooms we’ve been to.

IMG_3909 copyIMG_0997 copy

If parents need to make milk or heat up food for their babies, they also have facilities here for them.

IMG_0251 (1)

There were plenty of private rooms for mums who need to breastfeed their babies and dads are also welcomed in these rooms.


Sometimes, parents run out of nappies and here, they off the more popular brands for a reasonable price. Notice that they even offer instructions in Chinese and English for visitors.


After a nice nappy change, you will also see some cute fur babies on this floor as they allow pets in the complex. Definitely something different to what we normally see in Australia.


Address: Japan, 135-0064 Tokyo, 江東区青海1丁目315

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Discovering New Drinks from Beau Tea

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to take you to a new Asian tea shop called Beau Tea. They are the new brand coming up in Sydney offering a whole range of tea in all sorts of flavours in either hot or cold. Normally I go to the other more established brands like Chatime or Boost Juice but today thought I’ll try it because the wait line seems to be pretty short.

I ordered a green teaccino as I wanted something warm. Here are some of the teas they recommend.



The shop was not very big but it was decorated very nicely. I love the colour arrangements.



As I was leaving there was a huge amount of people wanting to order. Lucky I got there a bit earlier.


Here is my tea. Love the cup with the Chinese opera look. The flavour of my tea was not very strong which was a disappointment and the drink was not really hot. There was a huge amount of foam on the top of the drink so it feels like I was drinking foam for a while before I get to the actual drink. Will I go back again? Maybe not in the meantime as I still prefer Chatime’s chocolate milk tea.


Address: 27, 441 Victoria Ave Lemon Grove Shopping Centre, Chatswood NSW 2067


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Delicious Dinner at えん 和食.酒 @ Ikebukuro (Parco), Japan

Hi Everyone,

Today I’m going to take you to a really nice restaurant which I had to double think if it was a suitable place for the kids but it turned out it was the perfect place. We arrived late in the afternoon and the restaurant was busy but we told them we have two kids. The attendant told us to wait for a while so they can see if they accommodate us as they were very busy. After a few minutes, they took us to our table. They prepared a room for as some people outside were smoking and thought the room was more suitable for the kids – now that is service!

Let’s have a look at our private room.

IMG_5829 2IMG_5273IMG_6456

Some parts of the menu. The menu had really clear pictures with English, Chinese and Japanese descriptions

IMG_2312IMG_3464IMG_3465IMG_3064IMG_3834IMG_2623IMG_4957 2IMG_7891 2 (1)IMG_9610IMG_2786

Here comes our food. We ordered sashimi, karage chicken, simmered mero fish, minced meat with raw egg, fish & radish broth & fish in stone pot rice. First, we were given a small entree (not sure what it was but it was delicious!)


The food was so delicious. The stone pot rice was also different as were given some condiments and soup that comes with it to mix it in together. Love it!


Overall the food was of high quality, the price was not cheap but you do get what you pay for and of course, the service was very good. They were very accommodating with our kids and our kids loved the place.


Address: 1 Chome-28-2 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 171-0022, Japan

Phone: +81 3-5954-2013

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A Fun Day Out at Disney Sea @ Tokyo, Japan (Part 4)

Hi Everyone,

Hope you have been enjoying my sharing of our day out at Disney Sea the last few days. By evening, the number of people has increased as we suspected that people come to visit after work but also the entry fee after 6pm is cheaper so this will attract more people to enter so late in the afternoon.

IMG_8577 2 (1)IMG_6490 2 (1)

As the sun was setting, the lights around the theme park started to be turned on. It was just so magical! The only thing that was missing was snow. Last year when we were in Disneyland, it was snowing while they turned on the lights and was just so magical just like in the cartoons! None the less, it was still really pretty and everyone just enjoyed those few seconds. Also at this time, everyone started snapping away with their cameras or taking videos around us.

IMG_9703 (1)IMG_9704 (1)IMG_9705 (1)IMG_9402 (1)IMG_6549 (1)IMG_3540 (1)

IMG_9467 (1)IMG_4689 (1)IMG_3546 3 (2)

We wanted to go on the massive cruise and see how it looks inside. Unfortunately, our little one was asleep so Daddy E took Baby E inside but didn’t take any pictures cos there were too many people on board. While they were inside, I went around to take some photos and keep myself warm with walking around. If you are visiting the Disney theme parks during winter, I strongly recommend bringing some heat packs to keep yourself warm and if what you are wearing is not warm enough, there are many winter gear you can purchase in store like blankets, scarfs, beanies etc.

IMG_8140 2 (1)IMG_8374 (1)IMG_0903 (1)

Because of the cold weather, these trolley busses instantly became popular as everyone wants to get from one place to the other quickly without walking in the cold.

IMG_6833 (1)

After the fireworks and performance, we were just tired and started heading back to Tokyo. What a fun day. Everyone was tired but we all had fun especially the kids.

IMG_8817 (1)

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A Fun Day Out at Disney Sea @ Tokyo, Japan (Part 3)

Hi Everyone,

Let’s continue our day out at Disney Sea in Japan. After we had lunch at Cafe Portofino, we decided to go and explore more of the park. The sun is setting is it’s getting pretty cool and there seems to be more and more coming into the part at this time of the day.

Here are some of the FastPass machines for certain rides. You are able to get FastPass ahead of time so you don’t have to line up for each ride. Just follow the time of the ticket that you have received from the machine and turn up at the ride at the designated time without lining up. These passes do run out very quickly and usually get taken by visitors who arrive early in the mornings.

IMG_6303 (2)

As Disney Sea is water themed, many rides and attractions are water-based.

IMG_1362 (1)IMG_2612 (1)IMG_2617 (1)IMG_3662 (1)IMG_3851 (1)IMG_6406 (1)IMG_9058 (1)IMG_8910 (1)IMG_7054 (1)

Mickey Mouse and friends lost in the rainforest? Check out the estimated wait times to see your favourite characters

IMG_3459 (1)IMG_3313 (1)IMG_3851 (1)

While we were buying some souvenirs at one of the shops, Daddy E decided he needed a snack so he got this hotdog but only remembered to take a photo of it after he had the first bite.

IMG_5316 (1)

So then it was my turn to get hungry so I got a shrimp (prawn) bun. OMG it was so good for a cold afternoon.

IMG_4631 (2)IMG_2685 (1)

The sun was setting and the crowd just gets bigger and bigger. At this point, we were thinking to stay till the final show and see some fireworks.

IMG_9534 (1)IMG_8540 (1)IMG_7785 (1)

In my next blog, I will show you Disney Sea when it gets all lit up at night.

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Travelgirl’s Game Review [1] – Trade Island

Hi Everyone,

Sharing something a little different today. I have been recently gone back to playing mobile games and one of the games I’m addicted to and actually paid money for in-game purchases is called Trade Island.

Its a game you can play without any in-game purchases and can level up but at a slower rate. It’s a game to build your own town, expand it and find all sorts of treasures. The game itself has a small storyline were each character actually has a meaning/purpose of being there.

So this is how my city looks like at the moment. I am currently on level 23 so I’ve got a few buildings. This city consists of good people and bad people so we have police looking after the community.

IMG_6700 copy

IMG_6709 copyIMG_6710 copyIMG_6708 copy

You can earn and level up by doing different tasks or sell things you produced to the community.

IMG_6701 copy

There is also a delivery service you run to make extra money and in also some nice tools in return. These tools are useful for building your city and upgrade existing buildings.

IMG_6702 copyIMG_6703 copy

As you can see, there are loads of place I haven’t explored which I think will take me forever to get through.

IMG_6705 copy

Apart from earning and exploring on land, you can send a character out to see to find treasures. I am close to unlocking the airport which I am sure will be pretty exciting.

IMG_6704 copyIMG_6707 copyIMG_6706 copy

The gem packs in my opinion I think is pretty expensive so do wait for daily specials if you want to spend some money on the game.

IMG_6711 copy

If you want to find a new game to play and love cute characters, this is the game for you.

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