Shirokujichu (Chain Restaurant) @ Japan

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Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to take you to an awesome restaurant we found around 30mins drive from Uji. Its a chain store in Japan called Shirokujichu. If you have visited Japan before, in most shopping centres, you get a variety of restaurants to eat at and know they are of good quality as these areas are normally popular. We find that the food in the countryside not only is cheaper, but sometimes the quality is better than what you can get in the main cities.


We were drawn in by the large variety of options displayed outside the restaurant. There is literally alot of options especially for the kids so we decided to give it a try.



The menu actually had a lot more to choose from but we had our heart set on the sets we have chosen from the display. But let me show you some of the menu

IMG_7966IMG_7965IMG_7960IMG_7957IMG_7955IMG_7954IMG_7950IMG_7948IMG_7947IMG_7943 3

The waitress left us with a new bottle of tea powder


As we had the kids, they brought out a basket for them to choose a toy each. Love their attention to details.

IMG_7967 2

Here comes our meal. Check out the kids meal! Pretty awesome right?


Now for my meal – it can’t fit on a tray it came out in two parts.


The restaurant is very spacious mainly I think we are in the countryside so space was not a big issue.


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