Meigetsuanginzatanakaya (明月庵 ぎんざ田中屋) @ Tokyo, Japan @ Japan

Hi Everyone,

I decided to share another food blog because I miss Japanese food soooooo much!! We have them here in Sydney but not as good to be honest.

Today we are going to have some soba noodles. This restaurant is located on the food floors in the Seibu department store at Ikebukuro. We decided to go with having noodles because it was a cold night and we really wanted to have something warm.


The restaurant was not very big but lucky we were given a table. The menu was in Japanese so I ordered with my limited Japanese and some photos assistance. Let’s have a look at some of the pages from the menu


IMG_9546IMG_6775IMG_3053IMG_3546 3IMG_4852IMG_0399IMG_0767IMG_0157IMG_0815IMG_6557

Here comes our meal. We ordered 2 set meals for the adults and a bowl of hot soba for the kids to share. Here are our meals. This includes some entrees, fish soup, tempura.


Overall the food was pretty good but I think the prices are a bit more expensive than what we paid in the countryside. I guess for the location and in the middle of town, you will be expected to be paying these prices.


明月庵 ぎんざ田中屋 西武池袋店

Restaurant floor of Seibu department store at Ikebukuro

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