Asobono Play Center @ Tokyo, Japan (Part 1)

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Hi Everyone

Today I would like to take you to the best play center I’ve been to. Why do I say that? Let me show and you will know why. I will have to break this center into two parts as there is just too much to share. This play center is called  It is just right next to Tokyo Dome so it can access easily. I’ve been told by a friend that this play center was like the next level of what we get in Sydney, trust me, she was right.

I met up with my friend who lives in Tokyo and had lunch at the food court across from the play center. After our meal, it was time to play! We first needed to take off our shoes and leave them in the lockers. The attendants at the front desk knew basic English so that was not an issue. I was also given an English pamphlet which is shown below. It was actually quite expensive because I had to pay full price for our baby and also the adult entry fee was not cheap.

IMG_6275 2IMG_6276 2IMG_6277

As you can tell from the map, the complex was pretty big. There are many sections with different themes and for all ages. You will definitely need a full day here to play with everything. As you walk in, you can see the massive pirate ship with a sea of blue balls.

IMG_9235IMG_9241 2IMG_6867 copyIMG_2517IMG_2041

There is also an inflated jumping castle thing which we had so much fun. I felt like a kid again jumping on that thing.

IMG_5712IMG_3211 2

The next room I was pretty impressed with was the train and cars room. This room was full of cars and trains. No joke! Just check out the photos below. The kids just pretty much sat down to a toy they wanted to play with and then moved around the room to a new toy when they wanted to try something new. There were ample seating for parents so don’t feel like you need to be crammed with the kids on the floor. The one thing I wonder is how will the center pack everything up by closing, there were seriously a lot of cars & trains out on the floor.

IMG_9261 2IMG_3978IMG_8432

The initial impression I have of this center it was very well maintained, all the toys were clean and new, the kids were mostly well behaved (they are kids after all). In my next blog, I will take you around the rest of the center. It was a real eye-opener for me!