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Asobono Play Center @ Tokyo, Japan (Part 2)

Hi Everyone,

Let’s continue our tour to the kids center Asobono in Tokyo, Japan. Yesterday I showed you the main play ball, train & cars area, lets now check out the other section of the center.

Here is the under 2 play area. Everything in here is soft and colour for the babies to play. My little one had loads of fun. Let me stress the point that everything in this play center is super clean and new. Here you get to see a mini pool of blue balls just like in the main area.

IMG_2183IMG_6036IMG_7494 2IMG_1210

The next part is the kids’ supermarket. I was super impressed with the setup and the variety of “goods” you can buy. There were lots of trolleys for them to push around to buy whatever they want. Once the kids get bored of the activity or have checked out their goods, most of them will run off so the workers there will patiently sort every single block out the correct area so other kids can come to start their shopping experience. I do feel sorry for these staff as their job is just to sort these toys out over and over.


How will the staff pack all of these toys up at the end of the day? I’m already stressed looking at this mess



Check out the restaurant section

IMG_4472IMG_6859 3

There is also a library section if kids want to not play and read a book (I didn’t see a kid in there once)


This is the interactive area. There are some cool activities for older kids to make and build things, board games etc.



An interesting room called the “Log Cabin” – again this room is empty most of the time


If you have kids to look after or want a day out with kids in Tokyo, remember to check out Asobono because you can seriously spend a whole day in here.





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