Obon de Gohan (おぼん de ごはん – Lumine Branch) @ Ikebukuro, Japan

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Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to introduce a really nice casual restaurant situated on the restaurant floor of the Lumine department store at Ikebukuro in Japan. As mentioned previously, you can a floor full of restaurants at major department stores in Japan and Lumine is just one of many department stores at Ikebukuro.


I met my friend there as it was close to the station for her and by the time we got there, it was around 1pm – right in the middle of lunch hour. Luckily the wait was not too long and we got a table quickly. After we sat down, they gave us a massive menu with great photos and of course English descriptions for us. Let’s check it out!


There are also some special promotion sets for the week which I thought was pretty reasonably priced as well


The dessert menu looks nice as well but we were too full in the end to order any dessert



Here comes our food. Look at how nice it is arranged for us. My friend ordered a beef with veggies combo, I had Unagi set and the kids shared a soup noodle and rice set. I love the side dishes that come with the meals.

IMG_8461IMG_8684IMG_8970 2IMG_9347 2

The view from our table looking outside


The restaurant itself is not very big taking into account it is in the middle of town but the tables are all spaced out very well. It was very comfortable and the service was great. They have menus in English, Chinese and Korean so they do cater tourists around the area so if you are in Ikebukuro, consider this restaurant for lunch or dinner.

IMG_6263 2IMG_0807

Address1-11-1 Nishiikebukuro | Lumine Ikebukuro 8FToshima 171-0021, Tokyo Prefecture

Phone: +81 3-5928-0396

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