Yass Korean Restaurant @ Chatswood, Australia

Hi Steemians,

As I mentioned previously, I have been watching a lot of Korean and unfortunately, the closest “Korean Town” to us is still 30 minutes drive so we decided to go somewhere a bit closer to us.

The one we decided to try is called Yass at Chatswood. When we got there, we were the first customers so we ordered our food quickly as we were pretty hungry. Slowly more people started to come into the restaurant for lunch. Let’s have a look at the menu first


First comes the side dishes. Pretty generous servings

IMG_6273 2 (1)IMG_6233 (1)

We ordered an oxtail soup, beef rib soup and dumpling for the kids to share.


The restaurant’s ventilation was not very good so about half way through I meal the whole restaurant felt really stuffy.

IMG_6227 2IMG_6228

Overall, I thought the food was very very average – nothing to be excited about. Will I go there again, probably not in the meantime as I’m sure there are better options at Chatswood.

Address:  Level 1, 370 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067