Lunch at Cafe Portofino @ Disney Sea, Tokyo

Hi Everyone,

The last two days, I’ve shown you around Disney Sea at Tokyo in Japan. After a few hours of play and going on different rides, we were starving. We decided to find a nice place to sit down as it was actually pretty cold on the day we were at Disney Sea and we found Cafe Portofino.


The cafe serves Western food which we don’t mind having as the Japanese cuisine restaurants were too far from where we were. When we arrived, we were taken to a very nice area right next to the window with plenty of space as we had a pram. The attendant got baby M a high chair and was shown a menu with English explanation for it. As it was Christmas, they had a really nice Christmas set which I thought was pretty good value. The other meals were also very reasonably priced even though we are at a popular destination.


Order our meals was super easy. Towards the end, you can get your own cutlery and return back to your seat. As I had ordered a lot of food, the attendant came to help me bring the food back to the table. Let’s see what we have ordered. We have ordered a Christmas set which comes with a main meal of your choice, entree, dessert and a drink – Verdict: Honestly, everything tasted really good especially at a theme park. We also ordered a mixed plate which includes some sausages, bacon, veggies, and potatoes. It doesn’t look great in the photos but it did taste ok.


There was plenty of seating inside and once someone leaves, the attendants would clear up the table really quickly ready for new customers to arrive. Service level was 100%!


Thanks for reading



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