Travelgirl’s Game Review [1] – Trade Island

Hi Everyone,

Sharing something a little different today. I have been recently gone back to playing mobile games and one of the games I’m addicted to and actually paid money for in-game purchases is called Trade Island.

Its a game you can play without any in-game purchases and can level up but at a slower rate. It’s a game to build your own town, expand it and find all sorts of treasures. The game itself has a small storyline were each character actually has a meaning/purpose of being there.

So this is how my city looks like at the moment. I am currently on level 23 so I’ve got a few buildings. This city consists of good people and bad people so we have police looking after the community.

IMG_6700 copy

IMG_6709 copyIMG_6710 copyIMG_6708 copy

You can earn and level up by doing different tasks or sell things you produced to the community.

IMG_6701 copy

There is also a delivery service you run to make extra money and in also some nice tools in return. These tools are useful for building your city and upgrade existing buildings.

IMG_6702 copyIMG_6703 copy

As you can see, there are loads of place I haven’t explored which I think will take me forever to get through.

IMG_6705 copy

Apart from earning and exploring on land, you can send a character out to see to find treasures. I am close to unlocking the airport which I am sure will be pretty exciting.

IMG_6704 copyIMG_6707 copyIMG_6706 copy

The gem packs in my opinion I think is pretty expensive so do wait for daily specials if you want to spend some money on the game.

IMG_6711 copy

If you want to find a new game to play and love cute characters, this is the game for you.

Thanks for reading


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