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A Fun Day Out at Disney Sea @ Tokyo, Japan (Part 3)

Hi Everyone,

Let’s continue our day out at Disney Sea in Japan. After we had lunch at Cafe Portofino, we decided to go and explore more of the park. The sun is setting is it’s getting pretty cool and there seems to be more and more coming into the part at this time of the day.

Here are some of the FastPass machines for certain rides. You are able to get FastPass ahead of time so you don’t have to line up for each ride. Just follow the time of the ticket that you have received from the machine and turn up at the ride at the designated time without lining up. These passes do run out very quickly and usually get taken by visitors who arrive early in the mornings.

IMG_6303 (2)

As Disney Sea is water themed, many rides and attractions are water-based.

IMG_1362 (1)IMG_2612 (1)IMG_2617 (1)IMG_3662 (1)IMG_3851 (1)IMG_6406 (1)IMG_9058 (1)IMG_8910 (1)IMG_7054 (1)

Mickey Mouse and friends lost in the rainforest? Check out the estimated wait times to see your favourite characters

IMG_3459 (1)IMG_3313 (1)IMG_3851 (1)

While we were buying some souvenirs at one of the shops, Daddy E decided he needed a snack so he got this hotdog but only remembered to take a photo of it after he had the first bite.

IMG_5316 (1)

So then it was my turn to get hungry so I got a shrimp (prawn) bun. OMG it was so good for a cold afternoon.

IMG_4631 (2)IMG_2685 (1)

The sun was setting and the crowd just gets bigger and bigger. At this point, we were thinking to stay till the final show and see some fireworks.

IMG_9534 (1)IMG_8540 (1)IMG_7785 (1)

In my next blog, I will show you Disney Sea when it gets all lit up at night.

Thanks for reading