A Fun Day Out at Disney Sea @ Tokyo, Japan (Part 4)

Hi Everyone,

Hope you have been enjoying my sharing of our day out at Disney Sea the last few days. By evening, the number of people has increased as we suspected that people come to visit after work but also the entry fee after 6pm is cheaper so this will attract more people to enter so late in the afternoon.

IMG_8577 2 (1)IMG_6490 2 (1)

As the sun was setting, the lights around the theme park started to be turned on. It was just so magical! The only thing that was missing was snow. Last year when we were in Disneyland, it was snowing while they turned on the lights and was just so magical just like in the cartoons! None the less, it was still really pretty and everyone just enjoyed those few seconds. Also at this time, everyone started snapping away with their cameras or taking videos around us.

IMG_9703 (1)IMG_9704 (1)IMG_9705 (1)IMG_9402 (1)IMG_6549 (1)IMG_3540 (1)

IMG_9467 (1)IMG_4689 (1)IMG_3546 3 (2)

We wanted to go on the massive cruise and see how it looks inside. Unfortunately, our little one was asleep so Daddy E took Baby E inside but didn’t take any pictures cos there were too many people on board. While they were inside, I went around to take some photos and keep myself warm with walking around. If you are visiting the Disney theme parks during winter, I strongly recommend bringing some heat packs to keep yourself warm and if what you are wearing is not warm enough, there are many winter gear you can purchase in store like blankets, scarfs, beanies etc.

IMG_8140 2 (1)IMG_8374 (1)IMG_0903 (1)

Because of the cold weather, these trolley busses instantly became popular as everyone wants to get from one place to the other quickly without walking in the cold.

IMG_6833 (1)

After the fireworks and performance, we were just tired and started heading back to Tokyo. What a fun day. Everyone was tired but we all had fun especially the kids.

IMG_8817 (1)

Thanks for reading


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