Discovering New Drinks from Beau Tea

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to take you to a new Asian tea shop called Beau Tea. They are the new brand coming up in Sydney offering a whole range of tea in all sorts of flavours in either hot or cold. Normally I go to the other more established brands like Chatime or Boost Juice but today thought I’ll try it because the wait line seems to be pretty short.

I ordered a green teaccino as I wanted something warm. Here are some of the teas they recommend.



The shop was not very big but it was decorated very nicely. I love the colour arrangements.



As I was leaving there was a huge amount of people wanting to order. Lucky I got there a bit earlier.


Here is my tea. Love the cup with the Chinese opera look. The flavour of my tea was not very strong which was a disappointment and the drink was not really hot. There was a huge amount of foam on the top of the drink so it feels like I was drinking foam for a while before I get to the actual drink. Will I go back again? Maybe not in the meantime as I still prefer Chatime’s chocolate milk tea.


Address: 27, 441 Victoria Ave Lemon Grove Shopping Centre, Chatswood NSW 2067


Thanks for reading


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