A Visit to a Proper Parents Room in Japan with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Being a parent, finding a parent room can be a hassle especially when you are in a foreign country. During our visit to Japan, we were pretty happy with most of our parent room experiences. Most of them were very clean and easy to find. But today I would like to show you one of the best ones we have been so far in Japan.

This parent room is located at Odaiba’s Venusfort Outlet Centre. The first thing we noticed was the amount of space we have for the parents and the number of change tables available. Everything was available for parents to change their kids (except for nappies an wet towels) and the whole place was spotless. There was also no smell like some of the parent rooms we’ve been to.

IMG_3909 copyIMG_0997 copy

If parents need to make milk or heat up food for their babies, they also have facilities here for them.

IMG_0251 (1)

There were plenty of private rooms for mums who need to breastfeed their babies and dads are also welcomed in these rooms.


Sometimes, parents run out of nappies and here, they off the more popular brands for a reasonable price. Notice that they even offer instructions in Chinese and English for visitors.


After a nice nappy change, you will also see some cute fur babies on this floor as they allow pets in the complex. Definitely something different to what we normally see in Australia.



Address: Japan, 135-0064 Tokyo, 江東区青海1丁目315

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