Colour with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of adult colouring books. I have many of few of them and I normally colour in while I watch TV or needed a break from the computer. At first, I didn’t get a huge range of colouring pencils but as I got into, I got myself a large range of colours.

Let me show you some of my colour tools. Before this colouring project, I didn’t think I would care which green or red I will use but now I actually do. It does actually make a huge difference to your work.

IMG_7065 2IMG_7066IMG_7067IMG_7068

My favourite is still Johanna’s Basford’s book range. They are so well drawn and it feels really relaxing to colour some of them. I do find some of the ‘Secret Garden’ does get repetitive because of the leaves and flowers so I tend to skip some pictures and then go back to them when I find myself ok with leaves on the day.


Here are some of the ones I’ve completed. I am not the best colour coordinated person but the whole exercise is to relax and enjoy the time being alone especially since I have a very busy life. Just sitting down watching tv or listen to some music while I colour in is something I look forward to many times of the week.


This is the current one I’m working on at the moment – so much details!


Do you like colouring in? Do you prefer pencils or ink pens?


Thanks for reading


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