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Accommodation Review: Japanese Style House @ Hida Shi, Japan

Hi Everyone,

When we go traveling, we don’t normally stay in hotels anymore as there are many more options to choose from like Airbnb properties. Depending on your requirements, you are able to find something close to what you need for a comfortable stay. Today I would like to take you to our Airbnb property we stayed in at Hida shi in Japan’s countryside. We really wanted a Japanese style house for our week stay and we were lucky to find something at a reasonable price.

The property is located on a small street in Hida shi where we were living with local Japanese residents. It spans over two levels but we only utilised the bottom level as it was already plenty of space.

Here is the exterior of the house.


This the main area where you take off your shoes. Our bedding was delivered here but was not set up for us by the delivery company. The owner later came to fix it up for us and showed us around the house.


There was plenty of space for the family


The bathroom and toilet are in separate parts of the house which I didn’t like too much


There is a basic laundry with dryer and a well-stocked kitchen we used for cooking breakfasts



Upstairs was pretty basic with a meeting room and another large room to use as a bedroom

IMG_0155IMG_3445IMG_4417 (1)IMG_2705

This house also had a nice garden. On our final day, we even saw snow


Decor around the house


The only thing I think can make this property better is to provide us with heaters that don’t turn off ever 4 hours. The heaters they provided were gas heaters which turn off at a certain amount of time and overnight when temperatures get to 0 degrees, we do get woken up by the coldness outside. Other than that, I think the property will be perfect for a family or even two families going to Hida shi together.


Thanks for reading


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