Riding Overnight Trains in Europe with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

As we are starting to plan for our Europe trip in October/November, maybe I’ll start sharing on some of the destinations we have been to in Europe. Before we start on any country/city, the first thing that came to mind is the awesome train system Europe provides. While were travel around Europe we bought a Eurail pass so transportation for us was super easy. For this overnight train trip, we were leaving Germany for Denmark.

Because of the Eurail pass, we decided to take the overnight train in a deluxe sleeper compartment. It had everything you need for a comfortable train ride. First of all, we were provided with a comfy bunk bed which was necessary for an overnight train.

IMG_0349 (1)IMG_0355

The compartment was surprisingly spacious with plenty of room for our huge backpacks and we still had room to move around.


We also had our own toilet and shower. Yes, a shower with plenty of hot water so we can get a good night sleep afterward.


We were given a welcome drink and snack when we arrived but we already bought dinner from the station so we had that instead. We were also asked if we wanted tea or coffee for breakfast so they can prepare this for us for the following morning.


We woke up the next day to the view of the sea.


Breakfast was served approximately an hour before we arrive in Copenhagen. We were amazed at how well presented it was. Loads of bread and some cold cuts. Free refills for coffee and tea.


We were so impressed with the whole experience. If you have a chance, do consider taking the train to different destinations in Europe as these experiences will be very different to a boring plane ride.


** Please note the city night line is no longer available and is now replaced by OBB Nightjet services **

Thanks for reading



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