Rundetaarn (Round Tower) & Trinity Church @ Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to take you to the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. It is located in the city center with a cylinder look.

IMG_0527 (1)


To get to the top, you need to walk up through a spiral path with pure white walls throughout. It was pretty interesting as the tower was not very tall but it seems like you need to walk a long way before you get to the top for the city view. Here is a model of what Rundetaarn and Trinity Church looks like.





Once you get to the top you see some old astronomical clock.


The view from the top of Rundetaarn – you can see the city of Copenhagen


Don’t attempt to go further!


Once we finish our visit at Rundetaarn we then went to see Trinity Church which was next to the observatory. There were very little people in there as many visitors choose to visit Rundetaarn so we enjoyed the nice Church and had a bit of a rest there.


Thanks for reading


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