The Importance of Protecting Your Mobile Phone

Hi Everyone,

Normally people put on a mobile case to make their mobile phone looks pretty and all – well at least that’s how I see it most of the time. I normally wouldn’t think about getting a screen protector or anything to look after their screens. Well if you are one of those people who doesn’t think much of these things which protects your phone, think again.

Today I dropped my phone hard near the corner and the first thought was &(&%^&*&^(&)&7. The next thing I knew my other half picked my phone up for me and said luckily he put on a screen protector because it took most of the force on it.

Check out the damage on the screen protector.

IMG_7344IMG_7343 2

Then after when I got home, I found that the corner of my Hello Kitty case was damaged and some part of the plastic was already gone. Inside the cover, I can already see cracks it.


So if you haven’t put on a screen protector or a mobile case on, please consider putting one on asap to save your mobile and your wallet. I’ve got an iPhone X so to replace the screen would have cost me $600AUD


Thanks for reading



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