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Travelgirl’s Game Review – Progress with Trade Island

Hi Everyone,

Around two weeks ago, I introduced a game to you call called Trade Island. 2 weeks later, I am still playing this game and totally addicted to it. Today I would like to share with you on the progress of this game.

There are many options to purchase and so far I’ve spent $2 or something on a pack which is not too bad.

Last time I was at level 23 and now I’ve progressed to 30. It takes longer to level up as you go up in level. Also, I have upgraded the town hall so now my town can accommodate more people.


Another thing is I have purchased more land. It took forever to get the new land as I need a lot of money and the right tools which also is pretty hard to obtain from doing tasks.


There was an upgrade being done recently and since the upgrade, it was much easier to obtain prizes and special surprises.


Another new progress is I have opened up the new airport. This allows you to produce certain goods needed for the flight and you get different vehicle parts to allow you to put together a new vehicle when you have enough of them. Vehicles are important as they look after your community and increases the population count in the game.


Lastly, rather than have 1 mission/story to follow, I now have 3. Not sure why, either I am progressing too slow or too fast. Still trying to work it out.


If you are into games which needs time to build or progress, this game definitely is one to try!

Thanks for reading



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