Sankt Pauls Gade @ Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi Everyone,

Today, I would like to take you to see the only single storey terrace in the Nyboder Quarters on Sankt Pauls Gade. Sankt Pauls Gade is a street in Central Copenhagen with rows of terraces of former Naval barracks

Many terraces along the street are double-storey but there is one single-storey one which survived after many years which stood out from the rest. This terrace is normally featured in local travel guides on even got a mention on Wikipedia. It is now a museum but unfortunately, when we arrived, it was already closed so we just took photos from the outside.


What I love about these terraces is it has a really distinct yellow wall with a purple/lilac coloured window shades. It looks like something you see in fairy tails or kids stories so it made this building extra special when we started taking photos of it.


With the combination of the cobblestone floors, it does make these buildings extra special and be able to preserve the surroundings which I think was pretty incredible.


Thanks for reading


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