Lunch at Sushi Hon @ Broadway, Australia

Hi Everyone,

I have walked past this Japanese restaurant many times but never tried it so the other day when I was at the shopping center, I decided to go in a try it. The first thing I noticed was they were not Japanese people but in fact a Korean. In Sydney, there are many Japanese restaurants that are run by Koreans which I believe is not true Japanese food but a fusion of Korean and Japanese cuisine.

The waitress asked if I wanted to sit at the sushi train bar or at a table so I opt for the bar. I waited a few minutes and didn’t see something I liked on the train so I ordered something from the menu.

IMG_7622 (1)IMG_7623 2IMG_7621

The menu was not very big and the prices were on the expensive side. I ordered a serve of salmon sashimi, scallop sushi and a poke bowl (main meal). Both the sashimi and sushi were the expected size but the poke was a bit smaller than anticipated but it tasted fine. It does look big in the picture but in fact, there was a lot of salad so it looked taller than what you actually eat.


Service was fast and the waitresses were very friendly. There are plenty of seats in the restaurant which also has a computer touch screen for customers to order their meals. I probably won’t go there again as I prefer the Chinese restaurants or the other ones next door.


Address: Broadway Shopping Center, 1 Bay St, Ultimo NSW 2007

Thanks for reading


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