Sharing Some Photos of Copenhagen City – Part 2


Hi Everyone,

A couple of the days we were in Copenhagen, the weather was pretty gloomy so we decided to visit any important or famous sites as well don’t want to leave halfway so we decided to explore the city. We love exploring and looking at different architecture so let me share some of the things we saw over these couple of days.

As we were visiting during the weekday, the streets were pretty empty. Another reason we suspect is that it’s towards winter and the weather was super cold so everyone was indoors.


What we really liked in many European cities are their buildings show lots of character. A simple building can look like a work of art!


One of the many street signs.


This building reminds me of the one we saw in Amsterdam near Anne Frank’s museum with the red window covers.


The line of coloured buildings near Nettobådene. There are lines of restaurants here but I suspect the prices will be pretty expensive. Definitely a photo opportunity here.


Thanks for reading