A visit to Propyläen & Staatliche Antikensammlungen @ Munich, Germany

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to take you to Kings Square in Munich, Germany where it has the city gate, a gallery, and a museum. In this blog, I’ll be going to Propyläen (City Gate) and Staatliche Antikensammlungen (State Collection of Antiques). While staying in Germany, our bus always takes us past King Square so on a cloudy day, we decided to take a look.

Let’s visit Propyläen first. Propyläen is the city gate on the west side of Kings Square. It is right at the roundabout so any traffic going by will definitely go past the gate. The gate was built as a memorial for Otto of Greece which is why it has the resemblance of Greek architecture, in particular, the large pillars.



Entry is free and as you go inside, you should look upwards and can see the pretty structure of the ceiling. As you look outside the city gate, the flooring around it has fan patterns. Not far from Propyläen, there is Staatliche Antikensammlungen (State Collection of Antiques).


As you can see from the exterior, the design of the museum also has the large pillar just like the city gate. The museum has collections of antiques from Greece, Rome and a range of Etruscan art. There is an entry fee for this museum but I think it is worth the visit if you like history or trying to find an activity for a rainy/gloomy day. The interior of the museum was super tall as you can see from the height of the door below.



Let’s look at some of the antique. In this museum, you would notice there is a lot of antique pottery.

IMG_1447IMG_1449IMG_1450IMG_1451IMG_1457 (1)IMG_1459

Some of the pottery on display was pretty impressive. Comparing with the ones we have seen at the British Museum, this museum was a lot easier to go through as it is less busy so you can slowly understand and enjoy each piece.


It is good to know they have a few chairs for tired visitors like me.


In my next blog, I will continue to take you around Staatliche Antikensammlungen and will also be visiting Glyptothek, a very interesting museum also located at Kings Square.

Thanks for reading


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