Visiting Munich Hauptbahnhof @ Munich, Germany

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned previously, while we were traveling in Germany, we used Munich as our hub because we were staying a friend of ours was in Munich so we can leave the bulkier stuff with her during our travels. We traveled a lot by train so Munich Hauptbahnhof (Station) was like our second home.

The station was well maintained, clean and well labeled so we didn’t get lost too many times. Many times while we were waiting for our train, we would just enjoy the scenery and take photos around us (even though we have been there many times).


The one thing I miss and didn’t take a photo of was a shop which sells ham sandwiches. This is not just the normal sliced ham you get at home, its like a huge thick slice of ham in between soft warm bread. I call it spam as it does resemble canned spam. Another thing to note is many signs are in English and many Germans do speak English so we didn’t have to worry to much in regards to the language barrier.


Thanks for reading


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