Keeping a Bullet Journal with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Do you have a habit of keeping a journal or diary? Before I started Steemit, I had a bullet journey where I kept all the stuff I’ve done, plans for the week/months/years. While I was cleaning the house, I found this again and thought I’ll share with you the tools I used for the journal and maybe you may decide to start one yourself.

bullet journal

You can do anything with a bullet journal. Doesn’t have to be a diary style, could be something related to work, your hobby, business, basically, anything you can think of. You design your own journal and take control. Depending on your imagination, you can have a really colourful journal with loads of stickers, stamps, highlighters or maybe just a book with a few lines written with a pen or pencil. Below are some of the pages of my journal. I decided to use it as a diary, planner & personal guide. The pages I am showing are all plain and boring. The idea is to keep filling it up and decorate and draw on it as you go hence why they look so bare.


Here are the tools I have used. Apart from the notebook, everything was purchased in Japan.


Assorted pens and pencils. I decided to use a few colours so I can use them as markers or highlight anything. Washi paper is used to make any borders and charts if needed. Different stickers are there to make the journal brighter with some special ones to ensure I don’t forget certain points in the journal as they are quite important. I also bought some stamps to highlight which task belongs to who – so one is myself and one is for my other half.

IMG_0276IMG_0751IMG_5317 (1)IMG_6920

Do you have a habit of keeping a diary or journal? Let me know and we can share ideas.

Thanks for reading


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