Visiting Porsche Museum @ Stuttgart, Germany

Hi Everyone,

Today we are going to check out the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. We were on a road trip with another couple and the boys wanted to visit the museum. I was prepared to be a boring museum but when we got there, it was totally an awesome experience!


When we arrived, there were already many car enthusiasts there mainly, male visitors. As we got in, there were a lot of Porsche cars in a large open room within the complex. It ranges from really old styles, racing cars and some really rare cars. It was like a dream come true for the guys in our group, just like us girls in a bag store! Another thing we did get was an audio guide which was pretty useful especially for someone like me who is not really familiar with the cars it is recommended to get one.



The display was well spaced out so people can really admire each car and take photos from different angles. There was a display of the trophies won in racing tournaments and are displayed in a very unique way. Apart from car displays, there are some interactive activities for visitors. These rounds speakers people are standing under are for visitors to experience the sound of different engines for particular cars. As you can see, this is a popular area for visitors especially the male ones as many of them would stand there for a long time to “experience” these cars.



In addition to racing cars, did you know that Porsche made a jeep type of car? Look at how cool that is. Another car I thought was pretty cool was this all silver car. I remind me of a shiny bullet or something you can see from a cartoon. Also, they would show many parts of the cars including the engine and other bits and pieces



It turned out to be an awesome visit as I didn’t think it was going to be so fun especially the interactive section of the museum. They do try to make it fun and interesting and not just a whole lot of cars on display. If you are in or around Stuttgart, do drop by the museum.

Thanks for reading


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