A Day Out at The Nürburgring @ Nürburg, Germany

Hi Everyone,

One of the things on our ‘to do’ list while visiting Germany was go to the Nürburgring. It is located in Nürburg in Germany and its considered one of the most famous racing car tracks. It is also considered one of the longest, busiest and challenging race track in the world. It was a bit out of the way for us but the guys were very keen to go and drive on the race track themselves. The Nürburgring allows the public to drive on the tracks on designated days so be sure to check out the times before you go.


When we arrived, we knew we were at the right places as there were so many racing style cars getting ready. There were some normal sedans and motorbikes all wanting to give it a go. Something to remember is everyone shares the same track so everyone will need to watch out for each other. We saw many groups of people getting together discussing about their cars and the tracks which I believe are regular visitors. Our friend drove his Porsche which he owns and we drove an Alfa Romeo. The girls stayed in the car at most times just in case.


Before you go onto the track, you need to get your tickets. There are different options on how many rounds you want to go and they will just load it into the card. Once you get to the boom gates, you just tap it and it will deduct it from the balance. Loads of racing cards getting ready. Many of these drivers look very experience with the full gear on, just like they were at the races. There is a requirement for the passenger is we are not allowed to take any videos or photos during the ride. I’m not sure why this is the case but maybe due to safety reasons. But I did take a short video while my other half was driving and I can see why they don’t recommend you take your phone/camera out. The track was very bendy, have a lot of ‘ups and downs’ and some really sharp corners. If you decide to visit the race track, just take care as there are any accidents during the day and the attendant told us every at least 1 accident every 20 minutes.


Thanks for reading


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