Visiting The Berlin Wall @ Berlin, Germany


Hi Everyone,

Today we will be visiting the Berlin Wall in Berlin. The Berlin Wall was there dividing the West & East Berlin for 28 years. Before visiting Germany, I read up on the history but didn’t expect it to be more of a variety of art being drawn on the wall over the years. The remaining of the wall was located on the long stretch near Ostbahnhof so if you are taking the train, get off at this station and take a walk over. Its opened air so be sure to check the weather to visit. The day when we decided to go, it was a bit cloudy but we still decided to go hoping it doesn’t rain.

berlin wall

The first impression of the wall was like a work of art. It’s amazing what people have used the wall for even though it was a divider, the public has used it to show a message with their imagination. Along the wall, you can see some simple explanation given to visitors. Although the wall shows a sad part of the history between the two sides, since having this taken down and both sides joined together once again, it has made this wall extra special.


One of the most famous pictures from the wall. What are your thoughts on some of these artworks?


Across the road from the wall is the O2 arena (now the Mercedes-Benz Arena). We actually saw Usher as we were walking along the wall – at that section was just literally just him, his bodyguards and us. While he was admiring a piece, his bodyguard saw us and started walking towards us probably stopping us to get closer. Usher got into this car quickly – we were actually not interested in getting close to him as we are not fans but I guess the bodyguard was just taking precautions.


Thanks for reading


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