Planning For Our Europe Trip

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Hi Everyone,

In around a month time, we are going to Europe for 4 weeks. I have started looking at different locations and there seems to be so much to do but so little time. I guess that is always the case right? As we are flying over from Australia and landing in Prague, we will be having a stopover at Doha for a night to get a bit of sleep. It is a much needed stopover so we can sleep as I can imagine the who family will be tired after the flight.

What has booked in also is our car hire My other half found a really good deal which saved us from bringing our own car seat from home for the boys so that is a huge bonus for us. Our first stop will be Prague. I loved Prague when we visited last time and was extremely excited to go back and have a few places in mind around Czech Republic as we have the car. Český Krumlov & Brno is currently on the list of the desired destinations.


we will be going to Prague around the same time as we last visited

Another country we will be stopping by will be Austria. Vienna will definitely be on our list as we are planning to meet friends there from London (still earlier talks), Innsbruck and Hallstatt are also a maybe. Last time when we visited Austria we were at Salzburg and Vienna so we know traveling there with the boys will be relatively easy.

Another big maybe will be Bratislava in Slovakia. Close to Austria and Czech Republic, this can also be a wonderful stay as we haven’t been to Slovakia before. From doing some quick research, it is child-friendly and we can have a relaxing time there.

Lastly, we can consider going to Nuremberg in Germany as we haven’t been there before and its driveable from Prague. There are many medieval architectures and lots of culture in the area. We spent many weeks in Germany previously but didn’t get around to Nuremberg so this can be a stop if we want to cross the German border.

Have you been to any of the places I have listed above? Let me know on your thoughts about each place as this will help me plan our trip before going to Poland in November. You would think 4 weeks is plenty, but when you start planning, you really need more than that.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your feedback.


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