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Hawaii – The Land of Spam?

Hi Everyone,

I love instant food like instant noodles, instant cup soups, canned food, and the list goes on. Before having a family, I can’t cook a thing so these instant meals were my surviving tools and also they taste nice. And due to my old habits, when I am having a meal like hot pot, I will include some spam on the side as probably that’s the only time I will open a can of spam.

I’ve tried different spams from various countries and they all taste similar with extra local flavours. But the one place I visited, there seems to be spam around me, literally everywhere around me. And this magical place is at Hawaii. Apart from the delicious Poke they have, their creativity with spam is the next level. Don’t know what I mean, let me show you below.

You can find spam in Australia but only original flavour, 50% less salt or a smoked flavour. But look at the variety of flavours available at the supermarket. Spam heaven! Even the colours look fabulous.


Then we found something so hectic (it’s like the ultimate) at many stores and these are Spam Sushi or they call it Musubi. It’s like a block of rice topped with a slice of spam. Some places add additional ingredients like avocados, egg etc. It’s like the ultimate snack but at a fraction of the price. The Japanese Musubi place we found at Waikiki has a line out the door as people waited to buy their lunch. I’m not exaggerating here, these Musubi tastes great. The only thing I can think of which can make it better is make the spam thicker because many of them slice them too thin to save costs.

IMG_9716IMG_7957 (1)

So on the way, you think that you can avoid spam. Wrong! At the airport, you can get a breakfast box with comes with rice, egg, and spam. Who eats spam for breakfast? I guess the Hawaiian people do. I final note is the sometimes, Macdonalds serves spam too in their breakfast menu depending on their promotional menu. The one we had (which I forgot to take a picture of) was a breakfast with egg, spam, rice, and a hash brown. They even gave me soy sauce for the rice just in case I needed it. If you are a spam fan, Hawaii is definitely the place for you.


Thanks for reading


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