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Let’s Watch with Travelgirl #2 – Who Wants A Baby? BB來了 (Hong Kong Drama)

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t seen many Hong Kong Drama for a while as I have been busy and the free time I have been catching up with some Korean drama. I was reading the paper online and knew of this series ‘Who Wants a Baby’ as it was apparently really popular in Hong Kong and after reading a quick overview of the drama I decided to give it a go.



The storyline is pretty much around a young married couple who loves to spend money, eat and drink whatever they like, branded items during their pre-baby days. Then one day, the female character falls pregnant and their world is changed upside down. The obstacles they faced, the reality of having a little person in their lives,  decisions on current career, the strains on their current relationship, the relationship between in-laws are all part of the story. The reason why this drama was so well received was two things:

  1. The topics and characters in this drama are what many young families experienced from the moment they found out they have a new member to the family of various people who want to ‘help’
  2. The drama was given a really low budget to film plus with very little marketing/attention as given to this drama. The result has given people many unexpected surprises and maybe in the running of being nominated awards by the end of the year.



For someone like myself who has a young family, virtually the topics they have touched on are there (except the in-laws arguing). People need to understand that raising a family is not easy, don’t be fooled by some of the personalities that come out all dressed up, hair all was done up nicely after a long day with the kids – not everyone is like that. Unless they have a nanny 24/7, it is not possible to look like a celebrity every day.



Thanks for reading


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