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How Travelgirl Celebrated Mid Autumn Festival

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival which is on the 15th of August from the Lunar Calendar. On this day, many Asian people will celebrate this special day by spending time with the family, eating a feast and having some mooncakes. If you have kids at home or feel like a kid, you can also play with lanterns during the night under the sky.


In my household, we only concentrated on eating as in Sydney, it is considered just a normal day. Here are some of the mooncakes we had at home. The one in the tinned box is the more traditional mooncakes whereas the one below is the “new age” style which I don’t really fancy too much. Too much pastry and not enough of the traditional lotus paste.

IMG_3089IMG_2363 2IMG_2631IMG_3038IMG_0273IMG_2973

This year, our kids have two new lanterns bought back for them from Hong Kong. They loved it as it plays music once its turned on and they can be played over and over again. How did you celebrate Mid Autumn Festival if you did celebrate it in your country?

IMG_7480 2

Thanks for reading


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