Visiting An Exhibition at Art Space with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

It is a long weekend in Sydney and I took this opportunity to quickly check out the exhibition at the Art Space in Willoughby. I love this art centre as it regularly has some cool exhibitions and the best part its free!


When I arrived, the lady gave me a pamphlet which shows all the artwork on display and can also be purchased if anyone is interested. There were a few painting pieces which I thought was nice and simple as the colours were not very “out there”.

IMG_8764IMG_4415IMG_8648 2

Around the room, there were many individual sculptures made with resin, metal and all sorts of materials. I am not an art person so to me these were just a decoration.
IMG_9412IMG_9261 2IMG_4879IMG_5629IMG_2339


Then right in the main area, I saw a large table with big displays and all of them had a fire theme to it. It looks very Asian, something that comes from hundreds of years ago. there were two ladies admiring these pieces for a long time.


I really liked this display. The screen changes colour as well as the display on the screen. I stood there for nearly 5 minutes as there were so many changes occurring and it felt like there were more to come each time.


Lastly, this is the main wall from when you walk in. It was simple and this reminds me of knobs where you can hang your clothes (as you can tell, I am not very artistic with my imagination).


Thanks for reading


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