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Travelgirl’s Game Review – Progress with Trade Island

Hi Everyone,

It has been two weeks since my last update so I thought it is time to update you all on my progress. Yes, I am still playing this game and still totally hooked! Just as I thought maybe its time to stop, a new challenge happens.


Check out the island newsletter. We’ve got guests on the island. This challenge is to serve as many guests as possible to get to the main prize. The guests have different requirements and it’s up to you to cook up some good meals for them. I love them and at them at the same time as their meals take too long to cook!



If you want to level up faster, these were my “deals” of the day. Too expensive for my liking


I have also opened up two sections of the island so I am slowly expanding my field. The more I expand the more possibilities of getting more trades in eventually.


The other milestone I need to reach is to unlock this new tribe I have discovered far away from my actual town. I have all the tools and equipment needed but lacking in funds to unlock it. I find that the hardest part of this game is to save up enough money to unlock each obstacle unless you play 24/7


Lastly, another milestone which seems a long way for me is to upgrade the town hall. I am hoping to look after the island guest well so I can get enough resources to progress further into the game. Look forward to sharing another update with you soon!


Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Travelgirl’s Game Review – Progress with Trade Island”

    1. Hi. Thanks for coming by. I’ve been pretty busy recently but will definitely keep posting once I’m back into it. Do follow me for the next review. Cheers


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