Opening Gifts from Steemians with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Steemit has given more things than I could of imagined. When I came onto the platform just over a year ago, I decided to write my blogs and go with the flow. Who would of known that over time, I was able to make friends all around the world. First as followers now friends, have been supporting my work and I continuously. Some friends I chat with them offline, some of them through comments on my/or their post – which ever works.

A few months ago, someone suggested (and I forgot who) that we should send each other gifts and I would be the main person to receive everything and in return, I would send them something from Australia. The make it extra interesting, each person is to buy me an “angel” present and the other is a “hell” present. No specifics, just these two words. I would also need to purchase something for everyone but I ended up giving everyone the same but included a different greeting card each.


So below are most of the items that were received from @perlia, @kona, @livinguktaiwan, @jefferytong & @wilhb81. I have yet to receive Wil’s parcel (and he hasn’t received mine either) so we just hope it appears someday …. maybe returns from a loop around the world.

First up is @perlia’s gift where she expressed post to me (postage was super expensive!). She actually sent me 4 things but two have been eaten which were a box of strawberry chocolates (my hell present) and a box of biscuits for my little ones. She also sent me a special tin of flavoured Japanese seaweed with the Hello Kitty collectable tin as well as a cut protector cream (very thoughtful!)


Soon after I received @Kona’s and @Jefferytong’s present. Kona sent me a Hello Kitty watch for the hell present and a hand cream for the angel present. Jeffery bought me a super cute Hello Kitty glass jar and a Hello Kitty stamp which my kids already hid is somewhere.


Lastly, @livinguktaiwan sent me 2 packages as we thought the first one was lost so she sent another one. For the hell presents, she sent me some face mask and for the angel present, she sent me a mini perfume and a Hello Kitty cooling liquid which is meant to be good if you feel dizzy, have headaches etc. I’ve never used this one so its going to be interesting cos the smell is slightly different to the original one.

IMG_8322 (1)IMG_9658

Have you noticed most things have Hello Kitty on it? They know me very well. Thank you once again to friends who I met through Steemit. Its really a great pleasure to know you all and I’m sure will continue to keep in touch for many years to come.

Thanks for reading




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