Explore Salzburg Through Photography with Travelgirl 

Hi Everyone,

Another place we will be visiting on this trip (unless last minute change of plan) will be Salzburg. I remember my mum used to watch the movie The Sound of Music and its one of those places you like you were in the movie when you visited those sites. It was such a memorable trip and what’s more, we were able to hire a bike a ride around and enjoy the scenery. Let me take you around to some of the places we saw at Salzburg.

salzburgIMG_9790 (1)IMG_9800 (1)IMG_9787IMG_9766IMG_9848

We love Salzburg because its not busy unlike some of the other bigger Europeans cities. There are tourists but not enough to feel like its crammed and noisy. Everyone was very polite and we felt really safe which is why I want to go back again for a stopover with the family.


IMG_9828IMG_9766IMG_8327 (1)IMG_8317IMG_8312

Thanks for reading


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