The Road to Steemfest with Travelgirl | Fears

Hi Everyone,

This week’s topic is fear. I had a few before I decided to go to Steemfest but overcome most of them after I read some of the Steemfest posts each week.

road to steemfest

First and foremost I was worried I won’t know anyone there. I know many people have said they would go in the beginning but in the end couldn’t make it so that was my worry. Because I needed to book a lot earlier than many people due to planning around the family and the distance I’m traveling from, I had to lock it in early so I can get cheaper air tickets. But I’ve overcome the fear of not knowing anyone may not be a bad thing, I could start knowing people there and make new friendships.

Another fear I have is what if I said something that makes the other person unhappy or offended them. I’m a straightforward person and have been since young and have once been told by a friend in high school I am too straightforward. A part of me thinks because I know my friends so well I can do that but what if I am always like that and I didn’t know I have offended the other person. If you meet me at Steemfest and if I said something silly, please understand I didn’t mean bad in any way.

Finally, the thing I’m worried about is I don’t have the energy to stay up too late. As Steemfest is towards the end of my Europe trip, I know by then I would be pretty stuffed and lacking in sleep and not to mention to look after the little ones when I get back to the apartment. Laundry, getting the milk ready for the early morning, pack the nappy bag for the next day etc. Although my other half is there to help, he can only do so much while I am at Steemfest catch ups so I plan to help as much as I can when I get home after the events each day. It could be as bad as even eye concealers can’t even make my dark circles go away. To those who will meet me and if I do look like a panda, I’m not always like that. Haha.

The date is getting closer and I’m on the road getting closer to Poland, it’s getting pretty exciting!!!

See you all soon!

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