New Travel Adventure with Travelgirl- Let the Holidays Begin!

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Hi Everyone,

Flying to Australia to Europe is a long way so we try to ensure to find the quickest and cheapest flights so the kids are not affected too much. During our time of booking, Qatar Airways had the best deal as well as the best flight times so we booked it straight away. We also read online that Qatar Airways are very kids friendly so that was a big tick. As baby M is still under 2, he doesn’t need a seat but we decided to buy him a seat so we don’t have to carry him and will give us a bit more room on the flight. Our first stop will be Doha for a quick nap then back on the plan to Prague in Czech Republic.

holiday 1

Just as pass customs, we saw a lot of LEGO and the boys were already excited.


It’s boarding time. Families get priority so we could slowly get ready. The plane was very new and the bassinet seats were really nice – plenty of leg room. When sleep time came along, the kids were able to stretch out which was pretty convenient.

IMG_3387 (1)IMG_5055 (1)IMG_4948 (1)IMG_9173 (1)IMG_0952 copyIMG_9122 copy

They even gave us an amenity set which many airlines have already taken out of long-haul flights. The kids were given a fun pack to keep them occupied. The adult meals on the flight were acceptable but the kid’s meals were very good except I think they included too much sugar for my liking. The lunch box with the meals can be taken home and it’s great as a mini toy box.

IMG_2402IMG_4673IMG_8327 (2)IMG_9637IMG_7456 (1)IMG_3166IMG_9405

Overall the flight going to Doha was great, kids got some rest, I was able to watch two movies and had a bit of a rest. Let our holidays begin!! Hello Doha!

Thanks for reading