A Chance to Win Steem Monsters Booster Packs Playing With People You Know!

Hi Everyone,

The Steem Monsters League has just finished and how good was it. And also the daily challenges, have you all been trying to finish them so you can get your daily prizes? This game is getting better and better and with tournaments coming up and new cards being introduced, there is something for everyone.


Since starting the Steem Monster Telegram group with @wilhb81, all our members are being active in sharing ideas and helping out with some questions others may have. As many of our members are active players of the game, we want to make it extra fun for everyone so there will be a new contest.

<h3><center>How do you join this contest?</center></h3>

1. Join our telegram group – https://t.me/steemmonstersofficialgroup
2. Once you have joined, make sure you have your Steemit ID as your user name so we know you are in our group
3. If you are already in our group, just click “view group option” to see all the users in our group
4. Once you start playing SM and come across a member from the group, take a screenshot of the battle and comment below with the picture.
5. The more screenshots you get by the end of the season, the chances of winning will be higher.

<h3><center>Prizes as follows:</center></h3>

<center>1st prize – 8 beta booster packs
2nd prize – 5 beta booster packs
3rd prize – 3 beta booster packs

Additional 4 lucky winners who get 1 beta booster pack each (It’s either pick manually by myself or automatically by randomresult.com)

**There is just less than 13 days left for the season to end – Let the games begin!!!**</center>

**Good luck everyone!! Special thanks to @steemmonsters for these booster packs**

**If you would like to purchase Steem Monsters cards, please use my [referral link](https://steemmonsters.com/?ref=travelgirl)**

*Chinese Version will be up shortly!*

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