First Meal in Krakow with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

What I love about big cities is how convenient things can be. During our trip in Europe, we used Uber Eats to order dinner in Prague and now in Krakow. The rest of the destinations are too remote so they don’t offer this service. After our longish drive from Slovakia, we just didn’t want to cook and was too tired to even go out so we decided to check out the options on Uber Eats.

Japan Air Self Defense Force @ Japan (II) (1)

The options were great but we wanted to try some local Polish food but after check a few of them, we realised that their cuisine overlaps a few of the other countries we have been to. So we decided to try to mushroom dumplings (not bad but my other half didn’t like it), chicken noodles soup (the same as the other cities we have been to), special Polish salad (too much cheese in my opinion), grilled fish (average), beef tartare (not good as in Prague) and pork knuckle (Yum!). All this cost 133 PLN which is approx. $40AUD including delivery. Price wise is at least 25% cheaper than our Uber Eats meal in Sydney and the food seems to be more substantial than what we normally receive back home. Not bad for our first meal in Poland. Can’t wait to explore tomorrow and try out some local cafes!

IMG_1700IMG_1699IMG_1698IMG_1697IMG_1696 2IMG_1695



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