Stopover at Hamad International Airport

Hi Everyone,

We visited Hamad Airport in Doha twice during our trip to Europe as we had to stopover twice there and both times we had a wonderful experience. Compared to Hong Kong or Singapore, there is still some work to be done but it is a great airport to visit for a stopover. We have tried taking an uber and taxi to and from the airport and in our experience, the taxi gave us a better experience and it was also cheaper! The departure area was wide and clean with check-in being so easy for families with Qatar Airways.

doha airportIMG_9476IMG_0268

Once you walk through immigration, you will see the famous big bear right there.

IMG_2899 2

There are various shops from normal duty free to high end branded stores and also a gold shop with an extensive range of jewellery. I went to check on some prices and a ring is approx. $160USD and earrings are approx. $250USD. I didn’t end up getting any as the salesperson advised me it is only 92% gold for most pieces. But if you don’t mind, the prices are very appealing and there were lots of styles to choose from.

IMG_7500IMG_6616IMG_1990IMG_7165 (1)IMG_4328IMG_6455

Around the airport, there are many bronze statues which are also kids play area + equipment. It was so well designed that our kids just played there most the time. There are a few of them around the airport so do check them out if you have kids. Although we only had 2-3 hours at the airport, we already had a great experience so do consider stopping over Doha on your next holiday.


Thanks for reading


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