Buying Skincare in Europe with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Going on a trip for more than 2 weeks involves some planning in terms of what to bring and how much to bring. Clothing wise I am not too fussed as I can buy the clothes locally but when it comes to skincare, I am pretty particular on what I bring.


I am pretty fussy with my skincare as I care on what I use daily (day and night) and what brands my skin can take. Being away from home for 1 month is a pretty long time and the brands which I normally use are mainly Japanese, I knew I had to try to bring enough to last through our Europe trip. Unfortunately, my supply started to run out in Poland so I had to go to the local beauty stores to buy what I needed. I found a Hebe in Poland which is the equivalent of Priceline in Sydney which stocks brands that are sold worldwide like Nivea, Dove etc as I know I can use these brands apart from the Japanese ones I normally use. I ended up getting the below from Hebe and a few from other stores.


First I needed extra hand cream and the lady at Hebe recommended the Feel Free tube as it was on sale and has a nice scent. Its made in Spain and has really nice packaging which I got sold to (haha yes I know). Then I needed an eye cream so I got the Nivea Q10 power as I’ve seen that in Sydney before. I used to use Nivea during uni days so I know it will suit my skin.

Next, I ran out of a serum for my face. The lady at Hebe recommended this to me as it was a high-end brand but at a discount price due to the weekly promotion they were having. I did a quick search online and this brand has been recommended by many due to it being made with tea rather than water which made it interesting. At the moment, my face seemed to work well with this cream so I will continue to use it. I got some gifts from L’occitane and I told them I wanted to try a few of their products so they gave me a whole heap of samples to try which lasted for till the end of the trip. Lastly, I ran out of perfume so I quickly went to Zara and got a small bottle of their perfume. In Australia it is super expensive so to get it in Europe for a cheap price, I couldn’t be happier! I ended up getting some small roll-on perfumes as gifts as well!

People may think how can I read the instructions on the back of the bottles (some did have English). Thanks to google translate, I was able to understand at least 80% of the instructions so no confusions there.


Thanks for reading


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